What's a 'Holistic Hangout', you may ask? Well,..

What's a 'Holistic Hangout', you may ask? Well,..
What's a 'Holistic Hangout', you may ask? Well, this past week, it was an event that brought together like-minded people at The House of Leaf and Bean. The event was held by TheFirst Coast Holistic Alliance, formerly known as Beaches Holistic Alliance and the Jacksonville Holistic Alliance, and it was their first ever public event. They are a group of holistic practitioners that come together to 'raise the vibrations of the first coast'. They follow this mission by: "promoting the growth of holistic services, supporting fellow holistic practitioners and businesses and contributing to our community through engagement and services".
Their members range from professional chiropractors to hypnotherapists, like Tammie Mohn. There are seven leaders of the group that works together: Belinda Casper, Tammie Mohn, Dr. James Caughlin, Dr. William Soriano, Danielle Rivers, Kayla Taylor and Ellen Averill. They want to promote community advocacy and spread awareness on what's available. There are so many amazing holistic resources here in Jacksonville, but so many locals don't know just how many resources that are available right at their fingertips.
The first public event went "Fabulously", said member and one of seven leaders, Belinda Casper. They had a raffle that raised $700. The raffle included all different holistic products. So many wonderful people turned out for the event, and they were all able to connect and network with people that share similar values. The room was buzzing with conversations about healthy and holistic living.
The word 'holistic' is defined as concerned with something as a whole without separating it into parts. For instance, holistic medicine combines healing of the mind and body in order to allow someone to heal as a whole rather than only healing a part of them. Holistic living can include things like massage (for the body) and meditation (for the mind).
Those who live holistically also tend to heal their bodies with more natural remedies, such as essential oils and herbs, etc. This way of life is lived with the intention of aligning your mind and body to create and build better health. Getting together a large group of people that all agree with these values is a great way to 'raise the vibrations' of the first coast. All of us at The House of Leaf and Bean are honored to be involved with this event and we hope to hold more like this, with the First Coast Holistic Alliance, in the future.
What's a 'Holistic Hangout', you may ask? Well,..What's a 'Holistic Hangout', you may ask? Well,..
What's a 'Holistic Hangout', you may ask? Well,..
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